New Shipment of Koi for Sale From Otsuka - Coming Soon

Otsuka Koi Farm was founded in 1962, but full time Nishikigoi production started in 1984, Yoshikazu Otsuka trained for 2 years under Yokio Isa (Maruyo Koi Farm) who is his Eldest Uncle on his father’s side. Producing many varieties from his facility, Otsuka San is probably best known for his stunning Asagi, which have won many awards, but also Goshiki Sanke and Goshiki Showa varieties.

New Japanese Koi For Sale – Yamanaka Ohya High Quality Nisai.

Yamanaka Ohya is one of the oldest serving Japanese koi breeders based in Niigata and a popular choice here at Koi Wholesale. The farm has many varieties of koi for sale but is best known for Shiro Utsuri and Aya Wakaba which is something that he created himself and is very proud of.
Ricky Stoddart

Japanese Koi Auction – Marujyu Tanaka

Our Marujyu High Potential auction begins on Wednesday 15th January at 8:00am. Being offered for sale are 20pcs of quality nisai with great potential for the future.
Ricky Stoddart

Nishikigoi Niigata Direct - AJKS 2020 Entries

Have you ever wanted to challenge at the best koi show in the world? Well now is your chance in co-operation with Nishikigoi Niigata Direct (NND). NND are holding a limited time open sale of All Japan Koi show quality tosai and nisai which can be purchased via Koi Wholesale. The whole process is handled by NND and the fish will be entered in the name of your choosing.
Ricky Stoddart

Raised by Koi Wholesale - Omosako Nisai Kujaku

On July 9th of this year I sold three Kujaku to a client and offered to raise them in one of my growing ponds for the season. I offered to do this because it was my first time to have Omosako Kujaku and in truth I was unsure what to expect. For the size that they were I felt the price was too high and actually questioned if I had done the right think buying them in the first instance. For the benefit of the client I thought if I can at least get some more body on them his chances of selling them would be greater.