Join Our Telegram Group!

We've launched a Telegram group! Join in as we provide Koi hobbyists with a unique opportunity to view exclusive behind the scenes content at our facility, as well as giving you a chance to see pictures and videos of some of our Koi for sale before they are released anywhere else.
Ricky Stoddart

Taniguchi Grow Out Event

On 1 December we'll be launching a new Grow Out event in collaboration with the renowned Taniguchi Koi Farm!
Ricky Stoddart

Weekly Live Auctions: How It Works

Read about how our weekly live auctions work and how to take part.
Ricky Stoddart

Announcing Our Weekly Live Auctions: First Live Auction!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new weekly Koi Auction, starting at 6.30pm on Tuesday 22 November!

Our 2022 Autumn Harvest Event

On 5 October we're excited to be holding our 2022 Autumn Harvest event, with an outstanding selection available for our Koi dealers to purchase!