Ricky Stoddart

We’re Eight! Taking a Walk Down Memory Lane on Our Birthday

When we first launched Koi Wholesale close to a decade ago, little did we know it would become the thriving, ever-growing business it is today. But we’re now celebrating our eighth birthday – and we couldn’t be prouder of our ongoing success.
Ricky Stoddart

Enjoy a Swimmingly Good Start to the Financial Year: £500 is Up for Grabs!

Fancy getting the new financial year off to a great start? If you’re nodding your head in agreement (and why wouldn’t you be?!), make sure you enter our exclusive raffle to bag £500 in vouchers.
Myles Sharman

Special Shipment from NND

Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked closely with our associates in Japan to enable us to trial shipments through the hottest months of the year. The new box we developed resulted in some very successful test shipments, so we asked the breeders at NND for a very special shipment.

We asked for this season’s Tosai!

After some discussion, it was decided that we would be allocated five mud ponds – and after each selection we would have koi placed into the ponds to get the best possible growth prior to shipping.

The ponds were harvested 10 days before the shipment. After, the koi would be placed ...

Ricky Stoddart

Marushin Koi Farm

Yesterday I was invited by Mitsuhiro Tanaka to go and harvest with him at Marushin Koi Farm.

This was our opportunity to get first pick of the Koi as soon as they were lifted from the water- this allowed us to pick the absolute best of the best.

Opportunities like this are what makes Koi Wholesale the business it is. We have spent years building these relationships and we continue to do so.

This isn’t just buying and selling fish, this is about a true love and passion for what we do.


Ricky Stoddart

Arrived Safely in Japan

Just wanted to let you know, we safely arrived in Japan last Friday and have been non-stop since.

On Monday, World famous breeder Kohaku breeder Murata, took me on a tour of his mud ponds to see where our own, and customer Azukari koi are being kept. These will be harvested on the 19th October, and Murata is confident that the result will be good.

We were lucky to have such an opportunity to do this, as this isn’t something regularly offered. Murata passed on lots of knowledge about how he feeds and monitors his ponds, which was really fascinating to hear first hand.

I will continue to keep yo...