Ways to Buy

Fully Quarantined Koi

Our fully quarantined koi are healthier and in better condition than those from other suppliers. This is because our purpose built facilities cater for all the needs of the koi and enable us to maintain a high level of fish husbandry.

  • Visit our facility to hand select the koi of your liking
  • A huge variety of koi are available, with something on offer for everyone
  • Year round stock means you can have frequent deliveries whenever you need them
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Why Choose Us

Flexible buying options are just one of the many benefits that come with choosing Koi Wholesale as your trusted koi carp supplier.

We’ve designed our swift and convenient buying process to ensure you can get access to the koi you need, as and when you need them. Here’s a closer look at why you’ll love our service:

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    Up-to-date stock list for ease of purchase and shipping

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    Secure and correct shipping to worldwide destinations

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    Regular shipments throughout the main seasons

Japan Direct

We offer a wide selection of quality koi stock from all over Japan and can directly make shipments to you, to give you full control of what happens to your koi the moment that they land in the UK.

  • A direct connection to the best koi breeders in Japan
  • Our lowest cost solution for buying koi
  • Regular shipments during spring and summer allow you to frequently update your stock
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