Tosai From Oofuchi Auction - Ends 25 November

Following the high levels of interest in our previous auction event, our next one is now live and features an excellent selection of tosai from Oofuchi. The individual auctions will finish from 6pm onwards on Sunday 21 November.

Introducing Koi Wholesale Auctions!

We’re pleased to announce that we are launching a set of regular auctions, with two online auctions being held every week!
Ricky Stoddart

And the winner is...

Last month marked our 10th anniversary and to celebrate we announced that we would be giving one of our trade customers a prize of £1,000 to spend on koi from us.
Ricky Stoddart

Using Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay

Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay is new product to the UK market and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, so wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on it. As a product it re-energises old and tired water, resulting in clear pond water for your Koi carp.

An Interview With Makoto Tanaka

In 2009 Ricky interviewed renound breeder Makoto Tanaka, Managing Director of NND Koi Farm, based in Nagaoka. In today's blog we re-look at that interview word for word, in full detail.