Our Story

We're Truly Koi Kichi Here

Choose Koi Wholesale and you can be sure of swimmingly good service. A trade-only supplier, we don’t – and won’t – sell to the public.

With a raft of happy customers, our reputation is well-earned – and it’s vital we maintain your trust by only selling to trade.

Our story started 17 years ago, when we opened the doors to a koi carp retail outlet. After more than a decade and a half in the industry, we realised that the supply chain was lacking somewhat – and that became our inspiration to set up Koi Wholesale. We felt we could make a big difference – and so we set out to do just that.

Owned by Nottinghamshire-based Ricky Stoddart, Koi Wholesale has grown into a thriving koi carp business, which continues to serve clients UK-wide.

It’s all thanks to Ricky’s immense passion for the koi carp industry that the company is thriving. Working alongside his Dad, who also works at Koi Wholesale, he’s been a fish keeper from an early age, and involved in the family firm since aged 10. Now, many years later, he’s extremely proud of the company he’s worked hard to nurture.

The only wholesaler to quarantine its stock – using a special, four-week regime approved by Cefas – Koi Wholesale carries a host of high-quality Koi in one convenient place.

What’s more, our ever-growing expert team knows all there is to know about koi carp. In fact, what they don’t know about the rare breed and how to look after them really isn’t worth knowing. Go on, try them…

  • Experienced Team
    Experienced Team
  • Quality Japan Koi
    Quality Japan Koi
  • Highest Standards
    Highest Standards
  • Largest Koi Facility
    Largest Koi Facility

Meet the Team

Say hello to our diverse and ever-growing team of Japanese koi carp specialists. With a passion for all things koi, our combined experience – of both keeping and selling koi – ensures our unrivalled knowledge of the vibrant koi carp serves our customers well.

Friendly and dedicated, our team has over 40 years in the industry, which means you can more than rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

Ricky Stoddart

Ricky Stoddart

Managing Director

Ricky’s love for Japanese koi carp extends over 18 years. Since keeping koi aged just 10, at 12 he visited Japan – the birthplace of koi – and at 16 he authored a host of cover features for major koi magazines.

Leaving school after his GCSEs, Ricky completed extended work experience, living with several breeders. For two more summers following his 16th birthday, he spent time in Japan, learning all he could about this rare breed. To say Ricky’s a koi expert is an understatement; winning multiple awards in Japan at huge koi shows, his speciality lies in koi development and spotting young koi with potential.

Respected by top breeders in Japan, Ricky became a founding partner of Koi Wholesale with his Dad some years ago, taking full control of the company in 2015. He also owns a company in Japan, which handles the UK export of Koi Wholesale’s koi, as well as supplying into Europe.

Favourite Variety Ginrin Showa
Favourite Breeder Kansuke
Andy Stoddart

Andy Stoddart

Livestock Manager

A koi keeper since he was 15, Andrew’s passion remains just as strong – now aged 52. Beginning his career in koi by retailing from home and selling them via local markets, Andrew opened the retail premises – Walesby Aquatics – in 1994.

Operating for 17 years, the shop helped Andrew further develop his knowledge of all things fish – from tropical to marine, and of course, koi.

Hugely passionate about the more unusual varieties of koi, he has incredibly high standards for fish husbandry and still remains an important part of the operation at Koi Wholesale.

Favourite Variety Beni Kikikokuryu
Favourite Breeder Marusaka

What People Say

Martin Clarke
Martin Clarke Clarkes Koi

"Seven years ago we chose Ricky and Koi Wholesale to be our supplier of quality Japanese Koi, and since then I can honestly say we have never looked back. The standard of Koi is outstanding, then couple that with a well run business, backed by Ricky and the team's knowledge and dedication with everything they do. Why would I go anywhere else?"

Anthony Day
Anthony Day Perfect Aquatics

"When visiting the farm it always amazes me what is produced. Their ability to grow Koi is insane, and done to a point that no other can achieve. Anyone buying from here won’t be disappointed. Great service, great guys and always great Koi."

Phil Turner
Phil Turner Hollybush Garden Centre

"Ricky and the team give some great customer support and are extremely knowledgeable, from the one-to-one farm visits and over the phone queries, they never disappoint. These guys are at the top of their game within the Koi industry and from working with them we are excited to continue our journey and grow our own business further."