Ricky Stoddart

Using Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay

Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay is new product to the UK market and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, so wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on it.


Previously I’ve used a Japanese clay, however over time that has become harder to get and other similar products that I’ve tried just haven’t up to scratch. Bactoplus is a brand that I really believe in so as soon as I knew they were launching this product I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

So, what does the clay do?

By adding clay to a pond you are adding some of the nutrients that can disappear from the water. My main reason for using this clay are to create an environment which stimulates the appetite of the Koi in my growing ponds and also improves the water clarity.


In producing this clay, Bactoplus specifically analysed the water from Niigata. With Ohmizu, valuable minerals are added to the water and special Bactoplus bacteria improve filter performance, removing sludge and organic waste.


I’ve found using Bactoplus Clay a great product at re-energising old and tired water. I’ve been using it in a number of my different growing ponds and using two doses as per the instructions has really helped to increase the clarity of the water, as well as improving the feeding behaviour and skin quality of the fish.

Using the clay with drum filters

I’ve tried this clay in a number of different ponds, including those with drum filters. Because it is such a fine clay that dissolves into the water so well it has caused no issue whatsoever with the filter. Likewise, the filter has caused no issue to the clay.

The bottom line

Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay is certainly something I’d recommend.

It’s available for retailers to buy on our website, take a look at the Ohmizu Clay product listing for more details.

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