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Introducing Koi Wholesale Auctions!

At Koi Wholesale we’re pleased to announce that we are launching a set of regular auctions, with two online auctions being held every week!

Our first auction - ISA Showa

Our first auction is an ISA Showa event and runs for three days from 19 November, finishing from 6pm onwards on Sunday 21 November.

In this auction we have a selection of Showa from the world renowned ISA Koi farm. Famed for their Showa lineage these Koi come with a premium tag in every sense. Having seen them develop of many years, they represent superb prospects, there are some superb Koi available for you all.

Click this link to view the Koi available in our ISA Showa auction.

Contact your preferred Koi dealer to bid on your behalf

As a wholesale business we do not sell directly to members of the public, but you can approach your preferred Koi dealer who will be able to bid on your behalf.

Simply contact one of the dealers listed below and let them know which fish you would like them to bid on, and how much you are prepared to pay as a maximum.

Future auctions

Subsequent auctions will be held twice a week and end every Wednesday and Sunday. Check out our website events page for all upcoming auctions!

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