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A Very Special Goshiki

As a dedicated wholesaler the main aim of our job is to work in the background supporting the retailers that we supply. Our reward comes from seeing their companies succeed and knowing that we helped achieve that success with the Koi that we supplied and knowledge that we shared.

Over the years we have sourced and supplied countless numbers of top level Koi directly from Japan or via our facility in the UK but very rarely are we able to disclose them publicly. Today however we are able to share with you a fish that was recently supplied to a customer of ours that is a truly special Koi in the making!

A diamond in the rough is probably the word that we would use to describe this nisai Goshiki bred by Otsuka. When we found it in January of this year at the farm it was a great surprise that it was actually still there and for sale. The potential was immediately evident and when we asked the breeder what the gender was he confirmed that it was female. At that point we began to get an inkling as to why it was maybe still left in the pond.

As a nisai from this breeder it is particularly large and has grown considerably well over the last 18 months or so but the slim body that it currently possesses could be off putting to most. Body shape is changeable however, but bone structure is what needs to be focused on in young Koi and here it is that structure that shows us the body will come in future especially when in the right care. You should remember not all breeders are masters at rearing Koi to their full potential, many are quite simply farmers!

In the video above the exceptional beni quality is clearly evident and with a large amount of sumi already starting to break the skin were we confident that would consolidate and darken drastically. As for the other areas of shiroji it will be hard to say what happens and if any sumi will develop there in future.

A Very Special Goshiki

The picture above shows the Goshiki back in January and a more recent picture now that it has been released from it 6 weeks quarantine period in the UK. The sumi development has been substantial now all we need to wait and see is what happens with the rest of the shiroji. One thing that we can say for sure is that with the right owner this can become a stand out piece in any collection.

If you would like to know more about the dealer who purchased this Koi then please contact our office on 01777 228401 or email

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