Ricky Stoddart

Marushin Koi Farm

Yesterday I was invited by Mitsuhiro Tanaka to go and harvest with him at Marushin Koi Farm.

This was our opportunity to get first pick of the Koi as soon as they were lifted from the water- this allowed us to pick the absolute best of the best.

Opportunities like this are what makes Koi Wholesale the business it is. We have spent years building these relationships and we continue to do so.

This isn’t just buying and selling fish, this is about a true love and passion for what we do.


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  • martin clarke
    martin clarke Posted 3 years ago
    So wish i was there.
  • Mick Brooks
    Mick Brooks Posted 3 years ago
    Looking foreword to seeing what jewels you pick. Have a good trip. Mick