Ricky Stoddart

Large Shipments of Japanese Koi Arrive at Koi Wholesale

Within a busy 7 day period an astonishing 179 boxes of Japanese koi carp arrived at Koi Wholesale in preparation for the new season. To break that down into facts and figures the combined weight of both shipments was 3.3 tonnes with a total of 9973 fish.

These huge shipments feature fish from a diverse range of breeders such as certificated jumbo tosai Kohaku from Nogami to fantastic metallic koi from Yamazaki and the ever popular Ikarashi Ozumi 10-12cm mix.

All of the koi are currently in quarantine, undergoing our industry leading protocol which includes heat stress, naïve fish mixing and qPCR testing.

2020 is already off to a great start with 4 successful shipments of Japanese koi imported into the country. The selection of koi we have is unrivalled by any other supplier in the U.K.

Whatever your koi requirements are this season you can be sure that by choosing us as your trusted partner we will help to raise your business to the next level.

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  • Gary Waterfield
    Gary Waterfield Posted 2 months ago
    Cant wait to visit soon