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New Japanese Koi For Sale – Yamanaka Ohya High Quality Nisai.

Yamanaka Ohya is one of the oldest serving Japanese koi breeders based in Niigata and a popular choice here at Koi Wholesale.

The farm has many varieties of koi for sale but is best known for Shiro Utsuri and Aya Wakaba which is something that he created himself and is very proud of. His Shiro Utsuri bloodline is currently one of the oldest in Niigata and has been the foundation of other renowned lineages such as Yagenji.

Today we have added 18 high quality nisai from Yamanaka Ohya which can now be viewed on the koi for sale page of our website.

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Don’t forget that all of our Japanese koi are fully quarantined for a minimum of 4 weeks in our bio secure facility here in the UK. We also carry out a PCR testing regime to screen for viruses such as KHV, making our koi carp the safest available.

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