Ricky Stoddart

Japanese Koi Auction – Marujyu Tanaka

Our Marujyu High Potential Auction begins on Wednesday 15th January at 8:00am. Being offered for sale are 20pcs of quality nisai with great potential for the future.

Marujyu is one of the oldest farms in Niigata going back several generations and as a koi enthusiast it is one of my favourite places to visit. The breeding mentality is focused on quality and longevity, something that I value a great deal.

The quality of the Koi offered for sale will be recognised by those who also appreciate the finer points of koi appreciation and like raising fish for the future.

Bidding will end from 6:00pm on Friday 17th January. Don’t forget to share the auction album on Facebook to attract bids from your customers.

You can view all of the entries here Marujyu High Potential Auction Entries.


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