Ricky Stoddart

February 2020 Koi Shipments - Latest Update

Last month we had 2 shipments of top quality Japanese koi arrive within a 7 day period. We just wanted to take this opportunity to give you a quick update.

Shipment #1 – February 21st

Having been in the country for just over 2 weeks the fish have been resting for the first week while temperatures were raised to 24c. Mucus biopsies have been taken from each batch and any medication required has been administered. In general however the fish were mainly very clean.

At the start of the second week an assortment of naïve fish were added to each pond. This process induces stress and exposes the new koi to those from other farms for the first time. During quarantine this process is essential in order to expose the fish to a wider range of viruses and pathogens that they may have no immunity to. With tosai especially we normally always see mild symptoms of stress and illness around 5-7 days after mixing.

Shipment #2 – February 29th

With their first week in the country behind them the mucus biopsies have been taken, so far no visible signs of illness have occurred and only one batch has required medication. The water temperatures are now at 24c and so far the general condition since arrival have been great. In the week ahead we will mix naïve fish into each batch.

We will continue to provide further updates along with details on what’s due to be released and when they will be available.

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