Ricky Stoddart

Coming up This September and Beyond

You might be looking at our website and the minute and wondering what is going on at Koi Wholesale? Well rest assured it’s all good and we’ve got plenty to come in the pipeline.

Since our last update in June sales have been unprecedented setting new company records for both July and August. Despite having a couple of very successful auctions the website has remained relatively inactive. The primary reason for this is because most of our new stock has been selling out before we’ve had chance to even take the pictures.

Moving on from that period there’s plenty to come over the next few months including shipments, new koi for sale and more online events. There’s also the harvesting of our main growing ponds to come. Including the very special Karashigoi that many of our customers have been following all year.

First up we will begin giving the website a major update this week by adding multiple new mixes that have recently been released from quarantine. These feature great new smaller fish and the very impressive Gin Rin Matsukawabake from Tanaka. It doesn’t end there because we have over 100 high quality tosai and nisai to individually photograph along with selected bowls of exceptional tosai from Aokiya. The list goes on just don’t forget to keep checking the koi for sale page for new stocks.

We have also been working hard sourcing more new koi to bolster our stocks for those dealers who remain busy during the autumn period. Another shipment of 81 boxes arrived into the country yesterday evening as we continue with our summer shipping regime. For those of you who don’t know Koi Wholesale was the first European dealer to use the specially designed EPS boxes to safely ship during the summer months. This programme started back in 2016 and we have been perfecting it ever since.

Hopefully you have all been enjoying a very successful season so far and it’s not over yet! The harvest season is just around the corner in Japan and the industry comes alive once again. Due to Covid-19 the Japanese authorities seem to be keeping the borders closed for now so dealers will not be able to visit and select new stocks. Koi Wholesale will be largely unaffected by this as our harvest stocks have all been raised in our UK facilities during the summer and are in peak condition. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve had tucked away.

For now we would like to thank everybody for their on-going support and we look forward to bringing you lots of top quality Japanese Koi throughout September and beyond.


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