Ricky Stoddart

Arrived Safely in Japan

Just wanted to let you know, we safely arrived in Japan last Friday and have been non-stop since.

On Monday, World famous breeder Kohaku breeder Murata, took me on a tour of his mud ponds to see where our own, and customer Azukari koi are being kept. These will be harvested on the 19th October, and Murata is confident that the result will be good.

We were lucky to have such an opportunity to do this, as this isn’t something regularly offered. Murata passed on lots of knowledge about how he feeds and monitors his ponds, which was really fascinating to hear first hand.

I will continue to keep you updated and share pictures of our trip.


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  • Phil Marples
    Phil Marples Posted 4 years ago
    looking good keep us informed
  • Posted 4 years ago
    Have a nice time over there. Giv my regards to you know!!! Regards Lars frem Denmark