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Variety: Sanke
Breeder: Momotaro
Size: 39 cm
Age: Nisai
Gender: Unknown
RRP: £795.00


A Sanke with quality and character from Japanese Koi breeder, Momotaro.

Many of us typically think of Kohaku and Showa when we think of Go Sanke production at Momotaro Koi Farm but they also have been breeding Sanke but not to the volumes they do of their counterparts. The body style is something that always strikes me when watching Momotaro Koi develop and you can clearly see that this farm has a strong, genetic predisposition to get big and we see it time and time again. 

I love the posture and mass of this Koi but also I like it because it will go under the radar, it is a kind of beat the dealer kind of Koi. Its best year are very much infant of it and this makes it an ideal candidate for the future. The Sumi is still sat within the skin and it take on a real transition moving forward. As the size and body mass increases the Shiroji will add more space between the dans which will suit a much bigger Koi. The Kuchibeni style pattern on the face is always a added dimension and adds a bit of character to an already intriguing Koi. 


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