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Variety: Sanke
Breeder: Sakai (SFF)
Size: 44 cm
Age: Tosai
Gender: Female
RRP: £495.00


Female Sanke from Japanese Koi breeder Sakai Fish Farm (SFF).

Such a simply assembled Sanke from the master (Kentaro) Sakai (SFF). These Sanke are effortlessly developed at this farm and it is a rarity whereby Koi farms are able to produce some high quality at high numbers but this farm is just on another level. 

The Shiroji is of a very high standard and that sets the tone for this Koi moving forward. The Sumi is now forming rapidly and with plenty of Tsubo Sumi (Sumi on white ground) it bodes well for the future development of this Koi. With the genetic capability that SFF possess it clearly has potential to achieve a good size. 

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Sakai (SFF)

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